Texas 42 Commentaries/Documents

Commentary Contributors (listed alphabetically):
   Ron Adair (Author, 'Killer' 42, North Texas)
   Beerdaddy42 (Texas42Club, East Texas)
   Jody Badum (42 player in Austin, Texas)
   Lenora Boughton (42 winner in NE Texas)
   Jim Cannon (42 player in South Texas)
   Nick Carter (42 player in East Texas)
   Lacye Comer (42 player in North Texas)
   Michael Emery (42 game app developer)
   Richard Hay (Austin 42 player)
   Edwin Hill (Pure 42 Player, NE Texas)
   Billy Johnson (Texas 42 Player)
   Ron Lee (East Texas player from Oklahoma)
   Gary McClish (Power bidder in NE Texas)
   Myrna and Tom McDonald (42 and Bridge)
   Darrell "Odie" Morgan (Central Texas)
   Luis Flavio Nunes (42 pioneer in Brazil)
   John Opincar (Developer of online 42 game)
   Jacqueline Phillips (Hallettsville Winner)
   Paul Proft (Webmaster, South Texas)
   Jeff Reed (Austin 42 player)
   Dennis Roberson (Winning 42, NE Texas)
   Jeff Robertson (42 player, Denver, CO)
   David Roberts (TexasTinCup, Central Texas)
   Stan Rowe (42 player from Kansas)
   Sheryl Smith-Rodgers (Freelance writer)
   Mike Sobin (Co-founder, Austin 42 Club)
   Stephen (Young 42 player, Central Texas)
   Lonn Taylor (Writer/Columnist, West Texas)
   Jerry Whitney/Ronnie Nolte (42 Champions)  
          Comments, Articles, and Blogs:
Acceptable indications in 42 (Contest winner)
Swedish 42 (Much like Texas 42)
Willie Nelson (Commentary pending)
About Curtis Cameron (archived)
Addiction to 42 (blogger, Austin, TX, archived)
Forty-two (Texas Monthly, July 1988, Michael Hilton)
42 in New Mexico (another 42 hotspot)

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