Webmaster's note: Jacqueline Phillips (right), a former student at Texas A&M University in College Station (Class of 2007) and now a law student, is the second place co-winner in the 2010 Texas State Championship Tournament in Hallettsville. She and her partner, Ashley Edwards, teamed up to win over some notable and seasoned 42 players in the tournament. I invited Jac to share her story with the 42 community, and she provided the following comments for posting. Thank you for sharing, Jac.

Why I Enjoy Playing 42

I learned how to play 42 in the charming environment of the Dixie Chicken in College Station, Texas, and it became an instant addiction.

When I look back on my experience at Texas A&M, domino tournaments on Northgate are one of my favorite memories. Not only are you able to combine logic with skill, but the opportunity is left open for a little luck as well, and of course, a solid reading of your partner.

42 is a great game because it does not age over the years, and it always brings a little excitement to your table, whether young or old. Going to tournaments and seeing players from ages 17 to 70 is not only endearing, but speaks volumes about the quality and tradition which this game possesses.
Jacqueline Phillips
June 24, 2010

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