Webmaster's note: Nick Carter (shown at right) is a board member of the National 42 Players Association (N42PA), a tournament director for 42-online, and a founding member of the former 42 International Players Association (42IPA). He has also served in numerous leadership positions in various other organizations, including president of his bowling league, post commander for the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), president of the Parish Council for his church, and board Member of the National Association of Parliamentarians. Nick hails from East Texas and has been an avid 42 player for many years. He was actively involved in promoting the passage of HCR 84 which officially designates 42 as the State Domino Game of Texas. I'm delighted he agreed to do this commentary.   - PP

Commentary by Nick Carter

Paul thanks for asking me to write a little about my 42 background and playing philosophy. I’m like most players of any game; we played them as a family growing up. It makes no difference weather its cards, Dominoes, or board games, we are gamers and we love to play. I learned to play Bridge when I was in High School and I think I was playing Gin before I could speak. I started playing 42 when I married and my wife’s family ask if I could play. I fibbed and said yes, made all the big mistakes but learned from my Mother-in-law, (it is only a game and its just marks on paper, but we always remember the good hands). My wife and I have played in an 8 couple group that rotates the games around each of our homes for approximately 20 years

My basic philosophy of the game is 2 fold. First: Always be the best partner you can be, second Be unpredictable to the other team. Let me explain the first part by saying that if my partner gets the bid, it is my job to play in a way that shows or communicates my hand. Additionally, be very observant of my partner’s play and visualize their hand, so I will be able to have a “Bacon Saving” domino when they need it. Sometimes it is obvious and other times it is all about odds. The second part is simple, play non-logical maybe play a high trump first on their trump tricks but don’t do the same thing over and over, Make them guess and purposely discard dominoes to clear a suit so that I can play a counter on a trick my partner can catch. Actually this part of the game seems to be my best part because I am always having folks tell me I am very inconsistent.

Very seldom will I ever correct some one at the table. I find that is the sigh of a very inconsiderate person that is more interested in showing off, than truly correcting one’s play. There is plenty of time between games and in a “One on One “setting explain the whole background and reasoning. I have learned more with these private sessions because I am willing to listen to their ideas and some times I was in error.

While I stated that I love all games, I have devoted a major part of my time lately to the game of 42. I played in my first Tournament in the summer of 2006 when I hosted a N42PA tournament at my Church in Houston. Shortly after that tournament, I was ask by the staff of 42 Online to become a tournament Director, I still hold that position. Later that year I hosted my first tournament in Cleveland for the benefit of the Cleveland Senior Center. After we moved to the country, we played almost every night with folks in the Area and one of my favorite players was Jimmy Lee Kelley. Jimmy never concerned himself with all the fine trimmings of the game, he loved to play and we always had fun playing. Jimmy was a member of the Cleveland Senior Center so I ask and they agreed to name our tournament the Jimmy Lee Kelley Memorial Tournament. In 2008, I was ask to be the Secretary for National 42 Players Association and was re-elected in 2009. Working with the members of N42PA had been an absolute pleasure. Together we are seeing the organization grow both in membership and stature. The rules on the N42PA web site have become the standard for the game of Straight 42. Most tournaments now seek the N42PA sanction. They recognize and accept N42PA as the leader of the game and are working with the organization. This year, N42PA has started sanctioning 42 Leagues and we are consistently looking for ways to bring organization to our game at all levels.

A very personal note about participating in games, I have bowled and played 42 for years. My being a part of those games has always given me the pleasure of competition and still permitted me to enjoy the fellowship of the other participants. As many know, I have been waiting for a kidney transplant for a couple of years and my evolvement in sports with some very unselfish folks. Of the 14 Live Donors that came forward to offer me a kidney, 4 were from Bowling and 8 were from 42. I think the number one reason anyone becomes a regular player in Bowling league or 42 group is because of the relationship they form with others and I have been truly blessed from my association.

Nick Carter
22 February 2011

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