Webmaster's note: Lenora Boughton (right) is a multiple trophy winner in 42 tournaments. She is first place winner in Consolation in 2006 and fourth place winner in the Hallettsville Texas State 42 Championship tournament in 2010. She has placed in the top eight places and lower winners on several occasions. She learned to play 42 as a child in a small Texas town east northeast of Dallas. She credits 42-Online for most of her knowledge. She offers advice upon request. "I learned it from jit" is heard often on that site. She is interested in keeping the game going and provided the following comments. Thank you for sharing, Lenora. - PP

Commentary by Lenora Boughton

Paul, here's my commentary. Thank you for asking for it. Thanks for all you have done to promote this wonderful game of 42. Good clean entertainment for all. It would be a shame to let it die. I want to be included in anything that promotes the game.

I was the middle child of a ready-made table of 42. Daddy started teaching me when I was nine. We played what was known in those days as lo-boy. I was so good that he took me instead of the older ones to play. He was a bad loser, and worse yet, a bad winner. We came home him laughing that a nine year old had beat their best. Naturally I assumed I was good. I didn't play after leaving home except for an occasional game with friends. Then a couple of guys were looking for players at lunch hour. We played fast and furious. "One of Ya'll." The call of the winner. I found I was just average, But I learned. Thank you Dan.

I was a professional woman running my own business and raising two children. No time for 42. Then I retired and found, as so many do, that I was bored. My friend turned me on to 42-Online. This time I did learn. These players know how to play 42. I played and I got good. I played live. I won. I became well known. Maybe not for my skill but for my luck. I became one of the top winners in National 42. I am no longer in good enough health to play live games. But you can kind find me on 42-Online. I am the winningest player on that site.

Luck or skill? "You continue to be the luckiest player on this site." "Lucky." "I admire your luck." "She plays just like so-so, she's just lucky." "You must be clairvoyant." "Just plain ole luck." Indeed, guys. I am lucky. Lucky in life. Lucky in love. I beg to disagree with you. Luck is not the reason I win. I work for the win. I watch my partner's plays. I watch my opponents' plays. I watch, and you tell me what you have. You tell me what you don't have. If you want to win at this game, all you need do is watch and think. Most players don't want to think that hard. Just throw out a domino and go on. "Doesn't make any differences. She has all the good dominoes." Bull, watch and think.

We all have our own opinions of what's cheating and what's not. I have always been of the opinion if I learned it in a play, and it was not a prearranged play, it's fair and I use it. I respect those who like to play with a 30 bid that means nothing but that they can make 30. But I know we have long passed the time when we can go back. Show bidding, indicating, 30 bids which mean 5/5 or three or more doubles, like it or not are here to stay, so either join it or not. But you will never be able to change it.

Luck or skill? "I would much rather be lucky than skillful" is not a statement you will hear from me. Sorry if it offends you, but I would much rather be skillful than lucky. Luck will only be with you a short time. Skill will be there all the time. Additionally, the term "skunked" doesn't bother me. I don't want to lose, but if I must, the number of marks doesn't matter. So skunk me if you like. I play because I enjoy it, but you can bet your last coin, I play to win. Yes, I am indeed lucky. I have actually drawn seven doubles and got to play it. I have drawn seven of a suit on two different occasions. I am Dennis Roberson's nightmare. If you need one mark to win and you bid two, you have told me you have a pat hand. So what have I got to lose?

Following are two hands that demonstrate my luck:

Score is 6 to 2, opponents favor. Opponent on my right bids 36. He never bids 36. So, he has just told me he has a pat hand.
I have:              
My partner has bid 30, but his 30 does not mean he has the 5/5.
I bid two marks. 6/5 is my biggest domino, so I call fives and lead 0/5. My partner catches the trick with 5/5. Both Opponents play a five. My partner now leads four doubles on which the player on my right follows suit. The player on my left does not and does not trump, telling me the player on my right is my only threat. My partner then leads the 5/1, the player on my right plays 5/4, and I play 6/5. All the trumps are in. I am in lead with the double-two.
We not only won the hand, we went on to win the game.

Score is 6 to 4, their favor.
I have:              
Opponent bids two marks. He only needs one but he bids two. This tells me he has a pat hand.
I got nothing to lose so I bid three marks, name fours, and lead 3/4. All the fours come in on first play, my partner having 4/4. She gives me two leads. I drop 1/3 and 0/6. She leads a 6, which I trump. I lead my trumps and have 0/1. Whoa, it walks! We win the game.
Always be aware of the score. This a prime example of why. Had the opponent bid one mark, I may not have raised and, even if I had, I could have only bid two, not three, and would still lack one making game. Bad play.

We play on a site free, because of the kind generosity of the creator of the program. When someone suggests he may be fixing the games by manipulating the draw, it bothers me. In heaven's name what would he accomplished by doing such a thing? To say nothing of how much more complicated it would be to program. Dumb, no truth to it, forget it ,stop gossiping. It's not true. Thank you, Pablo, Thanks to Dave and Windy for the time they volunteer in keeping the site running. Thanks to whizzee for saving my life and thanks to all of you for all you've taught me and to the player who thinks I'm rude for saying "bad play" when it is. I don't say it to embarrass anyone. I say it to help you. I have taught many players. I am not afraid to share my knowledge with you. I hope it will help. When a player says "jit taught me that," I smile. Daddy would be proud.


I was raised in Dekalb, Texas. We called it East Texas. but you probably consider it to be Northeast Texas. Players liked to point dominoes, but daddy wouldn't let them. He tolerated no cheating and therefore I also cannot tolerate it. But I have come to realize what's cheating in one's mind is not cheating to another. But, as you no doubt know, cheating is sometimes present when a title is to be earned such as in big tournaments.

I learned a lot in Dallas playing with the guys at lunch. There are only two bids in this game: 31 or 35. What does it take to set 31? 12 points, a 10 count and another trick. What does it take to set 32? 11 points, a dime. 33? 10 points, a dime. 34? 9 points, a dime. 35, a nickel and two. So if everything between 32 and 34 is gonna take the ten count, then bid the highest one. Chances are better you don't get raised and the 10 count is gonna set them all. So many call me lucky but, as you know, you don't win continuously on luck alone. So I figured if I pass it to you, more will see it and learn.

I have been accused of cheating more than any one individual deserves. I can understand why with some of the hands I win. But remember, I know these players. I know their bids, I know who I can and who I can't push. One day I won several tournaments, so I decided to see how many I could win. I think I played eleven, and I won eight. Eight tournaments in one day! But the nice thing about it was I won them with a different partner in each tournament.

It is my experience that some players are lazy and don't want to think about it, they just throw a domino out and go. But watch and think. If I get an indicator, it's most likely in the first two, maybe three, but usually not. So if I can't hit his first two shows, chances are the next two are things he doesn't have. So lead something he hasn't shown. So simple. You're playing with a regular partner. He has given you all the leads he has. He leads a domino that could set you, If the opponents have the count, but it could be in your partner's hand if you trump the lead, the off you still have is going to set you. You gotta gamble. Take the chance, trust him, drop it. It's your only option.

We have a lot of new "good" players and if I can help them, good. I figured this site is gonna reach the most players.
Lenora Boughton, aka "jitaime" (jit)
October 9, 2012
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