Webmaster's note: Lacye Comer (right) is a former board member of the National 42 Players Association (N42PA). He is an active 42 tournament participant and has demonstrated his playing skills throughout Texas and some of its bordering states. As of this writing, he is the Operations Manager for Baldwin Distribution Services in Amarillo, Texas.

Thanks, Lacye, for sharing your story.

A Commentary by Lacye Comer

Thanks, Paul, for asking me to contribute to your site.

I have been around 42 for about 50 years. I used to watch my Aunts and Uncles play with my dad when we would visit over the 4th of July and at Christmas. There was nobody that we knew that played 42 in the Texas panhandle. The kind that they played when I was growing up has been referred to many times as kitchen table dominoes. While playing with his brothers and sisters I was always amazed at how they could hit each other and know what each other had in their hands. When I got older I would be his partner. I rarely got a bid. Anything over 31 I would pass. My dad would yell at me to bid. I would tell him I did not have anything to bid on and he would shout back "Bid, damn it, you have a partner over here don't you." Which I fully understand now. I would hope that my dad would be proud of the way I am playing now.

I have only been playing 42 online since May of 2005 when my neighbor in Amarillo "Dainbred" introduced me to 42-online.com. I got onto the site and became addicted to playing. His son "Teetime" graciously went with me to Duncanville in June 2005 to a 42-online Live Tournament. I really was bad and I really appreciate Teetime going to the tournament with me. In the morning we only won one game and that was against Nellie and Darwin Crow who won the tournament. We were the only team they lost to. I met Dan and Don two of the founders of N42PA, who were sanctioning the tournament. I joined right then above Dan's objections that I would not get to play in enough tournaments to be able to play in the Tournament of Champions on the first Saturday in December that the association has.

In 2006 I won my first tournament in Garland,Tx with a very special player whom I was partnered with randomly online one morning at 0530. We won the tournament and a great relationship has evolved that continues today and I hope for a long time to come. Since then we have won some and lost plenty but have always had a great time. 42 is a game that needs to stay around forever, but we are going to all have to work at it to get the younger generation to playing. It is a game that you have to use your mind, your math skills, and a whole lot of luck. You HAVE to have a partner to play. You HAVE to play all 14 dominoes and watch what the other 14 are telling you. Since then I have played at 42 online for 7750 games winning 583 tournaments and in 10 to 15 live tournaments a year travelling all over the state from Amarillo in which I could not find that many live people to play with. Since then I have been playing with the Seniors Citizens in Amarillo where the Tri-State Championship has been held the last two years.

42 has really changed since 2005. Some of the tournaments I have been at people would ask how can you bid without your double or with a 5. To which I reply I have a partner over there. July 4th I went to our family reunion and sure enough it was on the kitchen table and they were asking why I always bid so high. I reminded them of what dad always told me and we had a big laugh.

Thanks again Paul. I hope I did not bore you too much. Now everybody get out there and Shake them BONES and have a great time playing a GREAT GAME and remember it is just a GAME.

Lacye Comer
27 July 2010

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