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        Stephen was my 42 partner at a family get-together at the Dixie Dude Ranch southwest of Bandera, Texas. At age 10, he made his first two-mark bid by walking a domino on the last trick.
        I was amazed at how well he grasped the game and boldly bid his hand. His parents taught him to play when he was eight. He, in turn, has played the game with other boys in his group of friends.
        Thank you for sharing, Stephen. You're a young man of few words, and you sure are concise in expressing your thoughts. And, for the reader, you will notice Stephen has a sense of humor when he addresses the trump suit in his last paragraph.  - PP

Playing 42 Makes Me Happy

Playing 42 makes me happy, especially doing it with my family. It's fun to play and you have to use your brain and concentrate on your dominos and see what others have played and to place a bid and see how good your bid is.

And I know everybody understands that the highest bid gets to choose what (Donald) trump is, so it's good to have a high bid when you have a lot of one suit.

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