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Stan Rowe was born in Missouri and raised in Kansas. He and his wife do missionary work in Papua New Guinea (website), based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and Springfield, Missouri. We exchanged emails, and that's when I found out he has roots in Kansas.

I thought it unusual that a former Kansan would be into 42 until I read his story. He has relatives in Texas who also play 42. I invited Stan to share his story with the 42 community, and he provided the following comments. Thanks, Stan.

Commentary by Stan Rowe, Kansan 42 Player

I'm not sure where either side of my families picked up 42. It's definitely been our history and kinda like DNA. I probably first remember watching and learning to play in mid-70's around Salina and Topeka, 4th -5th Grade, and got hooked. Spent a lot of hours building family relationships while playing 42 - when it went well!   ;-)

My grandparents all played and a lot of their siblings, too. One grandpa was almost legendary to us in how well he could guess your hand. One side was from Wichita and the other outside of Oklahoma City and around.

All five of my kids can play, but I don't think too many of their cousins do. My sisters play on holidays occasionally. In my generation, there's probably less than half of my 21 cousins who can play or still do.

I like to get up a game when we see cousins. I think almost all my nine aunts, uncles and their spouses play. But some younger ones can take it or leave it.

My wife learned to play well before we got married. It got her "in" with a lot of my aunts and uncles.

Before TV became so big, it was good for family on a Friday or the Thanksgiving tournaments. It's dying out now most places in Kansas and Oklahoma I'd say.

My great uncle in Grand Prairie, Texas, who I got to know more about 15 years ago, is probably one of the faster style players. Most of his family plays. I found 42 more serious business in Texas, so it probably did start there!

One of my aunts remarried a guy from Sulphur Springs, Texas, and they always play, but one of my mom's brothers moved to Weatherford, Texas about 20 years ago, and he's always up for a game no matter how late or long into the night. He's still always learning and changing it up a bit.

After a few years and learning to count better, catch someone's last little "off" on an 84 or 126 bid to set them, or make a game winning bid ... Well, it gets fun. I just don't think there's any game like it. Beats hearts or spades anytime in my opinion.

Occasionally we play where we bid hands down just to liven it up a bit to do a last game when it's late. Bidding blind does change it! Personalities change at that hour.

Well, I'm working overseas for quite a few years now but looking forward to getting back to my region and getting into a few late night games.

Our families seemed to open up and socialize around a 42 table. Lots of subjects bubbled up. Just don't talk across the table!

Stan Rowe
24 April 2016

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