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Scott Kemp is a 42 player in West Texas. His entry was selected as winner of the 42 contest. Scott is presiding officer of the National 42 Players Association (N42PA). Instead of making a case for defining acceptable indications, he offered a clear, concise definition of "talking across the table" that includes private pre-game arrangements between partners.

It was difficult to pick just one winner. Two other entries were by N42PA members. Another entry was by a savvy 42 player in South America. The entries were balanced regarding definition of acceptable indicating practices in sanctioned tournaments. The merits of defining acceptable indicating practices between unwitting partners (no collusion) is still open to discussion.

Many thanks to the 42 players who participated in the contest.   - PP

☆ Talking Across the Table in Texas 42 ☆
I think that official rules should not mention indicating or prompt bidding or other playing tactics by name.

Instead, the rules should say that 'talking across the table' is cheating and it includes (but is not limited to) any kind of communication or signaling that is private to the two people doing the communicating. If there is a conversation beforehand to set up certain actions to mean certain things, then it is cheating.

This is my personal opinion, and it does not necessarily reflect the official policy of the N42PA board.

Scott Kemp
3 March 2019


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