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Last update: 1 Aug 2020

As of this writing, the Facebook 42 Strategy Group has 490 members. The 42 Strategy Group is for new and experienced 42 players at all levels - beginner to expert. All players are welcome.

The following are links I posted in the FB group. They're shown here for quick access to the documents to avoid having to search FB historical threads for the links. Member comments are posted in the FB group threads, and some select quotes are posted in my documents. (This document is listed in the scroll menu at as "Facebook Links.")

Date PostedLink to Document
  1 Aug 2020Conversation on Indicating Doubles
  26 Jul 2020Indicating doubles
  4 Jun 2019Explanation for Misguided Postings
30 May 2019Enhanced Fair Play in 42 Competition *
24 May 2019Where is Traditional 42 Headed? *
23 May 2019Championship 42 Tournaments (2019)
  2 Apr 201942 Estimates, Polling and Memberships
19 Mar 2019Sanctioned Tournaments and the 42 Community
  6 Mar 2019Criteria for Determining 42 Contest Winner
  3 Mar 2019Announcement of Contest Winner
30 Jan 2019Announcement of 42 Contest
16 Dec 2018Social Players and Sanctioned 42 Tournaments
Paul Proft, E-mail
10 Apr 2019
* Link and conversations subsequently deleted from FB.

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