Where is Traditional 42 Headed?

I'm writing this because I'm perplexed by the reaction to some of my FB postings during the last couple of years. Prior to N42PA leadership shifting to an influential Central Texas group several years ago, this FB Strategy group seemed more interactive with traditional 42 players, social and tournament, who mostly were not associated with the N42PA.

Now, it seems, some influential N42PA members use the Strategy group to promote interest in tournaments sanctioned by the N42PA. That's fine, but I question why (they have their own FB group). If the N42PA is going to be the guiding light, then its leaders need to better define the rules of fair play in sanctioned tournaments.

My perception is that the N42PA leadership is not interested in definitizing fair play rules. They're interested mostly in participation so their membership has a pool of sanctioned tournaments in which they can achieve Pro status points and compete for large Tournament of Champions (TOC) cash prizes. (I could be wrong, but that's my perception.)

I don't do tournaments, but definitive rules of fair play are important in both social and sanctioned tournament competition. If the game is based on honor and integrity, then the rules need to adequately define acceptable fair play practices. If not, then traditional 42 players need to learn how to "outfox" their opponents by whatever means not addressed in the N42PA rules.

I'm an old guy in my twilight years, and the newer generation seems to have values different from those instilled in me when I learned to play. If, indeed, the future of 42 is based on individual interpretation of fair play as defined in existing rules, then I believe sanctioned tournaments will not expand beyond the borders of Texas and New Mexico, regardless of any national and world championship claims to the contrary.

Beerdaddy's FB posting that 42 is not about tournaments, instead tournaments are about 42, seems like such a sobering statement if you think about it.

Paul Proft, email

25 May 2019: The link to this document was removed from Facebook. - PP

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