Updated 10 Jun 2019

Explanation for Former Misguided Postings

I posted links to documents at my website and in the Facebook 42 Strategy Group that contained comments for enhancing fair play in 42 tournaments sanctioned by the N42PA. My comments were not well-received by some Strategy members, some of whom were also members of the National 42 Players Association (N42PA).

My comments were based on interpretation of the N42PA By-Laws and Constitution and the N42PA Tournament Rules, both linked at N42PA.org. The "players" addressed in Article II, Sections 2, 3, 7, and 9, are N42PA members and those who qualify to play in select tournaments sponsored by the N42PA.

The responsibilities of the Open Tournament Director (defined in Article IX, Section 6) are for open tournaments sponsored by the N42PA. The "official" N42PA tournament rules apply only to N42PA members and those who qualify to play in select tournaments hosted by the N42PA.

The N42PA is a social/recreation club. It sanctions open 42 tournaments that have their own sponsors, tournament directors, rules, and play straight 42. Consequently, the rules in 42 tournaments can be quite diversified. (I'm not a member of the N42PA, so I have no say in how the N42PA writes the rules for the tournaments it hosts.)

All players can participate in open sanctioned tournaments. My motivation is to enhance fair play rules for all sanctioned tournaments. Focusing on the N42PA rules to achieve that was misguided on my part. If you have ideas how to standardize the rules of fair play for all sanctioned tournaments, please send email. Thanks.

Paul Proft, Webmaster

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