Player Estimates/Polling and Facebook/N42PA Stats

Last update: 8 April 2019

In 2012, I posted a document online that estimated the number of active 42 players in Texas. The median number was 70,000+. Twenty-one (21) players participated in the project. (My gut feel [speculation] is a number around 10,000 or less.)

On 1 April 2019, there were 477 Facebook 42 Strategy Group members. Of those, 29 (6%) were also members of the National 42 Players Association (N42PA). Of those, less than half (3%) have expressed opinions about enhancing fair play in the rules for sanctioned tournaments.

As of this writing, polling shows 21% of participants have played in 42 tournaments.

Also, as of this writing, 66% of polling participants think acceptable indicating practices should be defined in 42 tournament rules.

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2 April 2019

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