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42 is the official State Domino Game of Texas
(Four-player card game using dominos, with bidding and trumps)

Texas Country Reporter YouTube video:
Dennis Roberson, 42, and the Texas State 42 Championship Tournament (John McLeod includes variations) (Tony Sanders' archived rules and strategy)
Rules of Play (Bill Richardson's archived 42 page)  (Play/watch 42 games online; rules) (Cameron's 42 game; play online; 42 blog) (Joe Celko's Texas 42; other domino games) (Includes Forty-Two, Nel-O, Moon, & 42 clubs)
Winning 42 (Strategy and Lore of the National Game of Texas)
Learn to Play 42 (Downloadable printable PDF instructions)
Forty-Two (Texas State Historical Association; see also Garner, TX)
How 42 Should Be Played (Glynn Hill's advice and playing tips)
Sample Tournament Rules (Texas Gulf Coast, before N42PA)
Round Robin Scheduling (Whist and 42 partner pairings)
Texas A&M Lechner Hall Rules (Courtesy of John McLeod) (National 42 Players Association) (This site has game rules and progressive strategies)
Dominos in Hallettsville (Annual tournament information) (An interesting 42 page in Austin)
Facebook 42 (Join the group or create a FB account so you can join)
Commentaries (Contributions by notable 42 players and others) (The free encyclopedia) (Texas 42)
Bidding and Trumps with Dominos (
Texas Monthly Magazine (July 1988 article, page 88: Forty-two) (Well-written, concise How to Play 42)
42 Players of America (A 42 champion's web site)
42 Terminology and order of play (
42 Forums Review ( - Brief description of game)
More 42 Instructions (
Texas 42 rules (
Sharing a Fun Game (Silver Creek Forum)
More 42 rules (Puremco's
42 in Colorado (
42 in the United Kingdom (How to win: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
42 in Brazil by Luis Flavio Nunes (English translation)
Play 42 online against the computer (
Texas 42 for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & Texas 42 HD
Android 42 app (Google Play)
Texas 42 (Stories about and links to the State Domino Game)
Rules of Texas 42 (Austin 42 game rules)
Another how to play Texas 42 (YouTube video)
Texas 42 (France) (Web site forthcoming)
Rules for playing Texas 42 (Written by Erik Arneson)
Indicating in 42 (A blog by Ed Hill)
'Shoot 42' (Play 42 online)
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Play chess online (for 42 players who like chess, too)
Peeps (for 42 players who like wild birds) More Birds

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