42 TOURNAMENT RULES (Sample Illustration)

Source: www.aiche-tgcs.org/Files/42rules.doc (posted with permission, 4 January 2004)


Following are the rules for the 42 tournament.

Schedule is as follows:
2 PM Registration
2:30 PM Round Robin begins
4:20 PM Round Robin complete
4:30 PM Tournament begins
6:30 PM Tournament complete

Each player is requested to bring a set of dominoes to the tournament, if possible.  No player will be allowed to play with his/her own dominoes. 

Round Robin

All 16 teams will be broken into 4 groups of 4 teams.  Each group of 4 teams will play each other once (3 games total).  The marks for each game will be added together, and the 2 teams with the highest total of marks will proceed to the single-elimination tournament.  No more than 7 marks will be awarded in any one game. 

If a tie occurs for first place, all players will draw a single domino.  Adding both sides of each domino, the team having the highest combined total will be the first place team.

If a tie occurs for second place, a one-hand tie breaker will be played to determine who proceeds to the tournament round. 

When time is called to end the Round Robin, any games still in progress must complete their current hand and then stop the game. 


The 8 teams from the Round Robin will enter a single-elimination tournament.  During the first round, the top team from each round robin group will play the 2nd place team of another group.  The winning team of the tournament will receive a cash prize of $150 & the 2nd place team will receive $75 (cash prize may be reduced if fewer than 16 teams enter the tournament).


  1.   To begin play, each player draws one domino with the highest draw (adding both sides of domino) winning the first shuffle.  Ties to be redrawn by the tying players.

  2.   The “domino shaker” role rotates clock-wise, and the person the left of the shaker bids first.

  3.   Maximum initial bids of two marks high, with overbidding limited to one mark above the previous bid.

  4.   The first team to 7 marks or higher wins.

  5.   Each player is allowed 20 seconds to make a bid.

  6.   Dominoes must be set on table with backrow of 4 dominoes & front row of 3 dominoes and may not be rearranged during play.  If everyone agrees, dominoes may be held in hand instead.

  7.  “Low” bids are not allowed, unless the first 3 bidders all pass.  The last bidder then has the option of going low.  Doubles can be high, low, or a suit of their own.*

  8.   “No trump” (Follow me) bids are allowed.

  9.   “Sevens,” “Splash,” and “Plunge” bids are NOT allowed.

10.  Bids of two marks or more should be stacked.

11.  A domino laid is a domino played.

12.  Trump suit (or no trump) must be called BEFORE first domino is played; otherwise, the suit of first domino played will be trump suit.

13.  Any attempt of “talking across the table” will result in loss of hand.

14.  Renege (misplay) counts as a loss of the hand.

15.  No player substitutions are allowed after the tournament has begun.


* The N42PA, founded in 2005, does not sanction the forced bid "low" option. (See N42PA tournament rules.)

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