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Can high bidder change the trump suit before the first domino is led?

Is the high end of the domino led always the suit to follow?
Can you bid more than 168 or nello in Texas 42?
What does "follow me 42 low" mean?
Does your partner play when you bid 42?
Do you have to play a domino in the suit of a double led in Nel-O if you have no doubles?
Can "follow me" (no trumps) be called instead of naming a trump suit in Plunge?
Can the bid go around the table more than once?
Can a player take back a played domino?
How is strength bidding different from a helping hand 30-bid?
What is the bid progression in 42?
Are trumps used in Moon?
Do you have to follow suit when doubles are trump and led and you have none?
Can the bidder peek into the stack when one or more marks are bid in a hand?
Are there any places in San Antonio where players can hook up to play 42?
Is there a card game that can be played like 42?
What happens when your bid is doubled?
Can 42 be played without partners?
Why isn't nilo discussed?
Is the forced bid option a Texas rule?
How do I play 42 online with a Mac?
Are the trumps stacked in 84 and 88?
Can your partner win tricks if you bid 84 (two marks)?
In six-handed 42 (84 and 88), how are the "kitty" dominos handled?
When may a player request a reshuffle?
How are ties handled in Moon?
What to do when a misplay is not immediately detected?
Have you considered posting an online 42 game at Texas42.net?
Is stacking the trumps in 42 a legitimate option?
In Moon, can you shoot the moon anytime?
What is the starting bid and number of dominos used in six-handed 42?
Where can I get a copy of pre-1930 forty-two rules?
When playing follow-me, is the double-six a six or a double?
If one mark is 42 points, what is two marks?
Which is the correct 42 term: Nel-O (nello) or Nil-O (nillo)?
Are there legalities associated with 42 tournament prizes?
Can five players play 42?
The popup illustrations don't work in your instructional pages. Why?
Which 42-like game scores only the number of tricks taken (not count values)?
Is the "cow" the 6-5 or the second highest in suit?
Which country invented domino tiles?
Where did your map for the Texas polling areas come from?
Anybody know what happened to Glenn Hill's 42 web page?
Have you ever heard of Lo-Lo?
How can I print your online 42 instructions?
In Moon, does play continue if the high bidder is set in the first trick?
What are the rules for two-handed 42?
How are blanks interpreted and/or played?
How is nello-lo and nello-hi played? Strategy?
Does the double in the trump suit have to be played in the first trick?
Should you lead to your partner when you and he have all the trumps?
How do you handle a sensitive (and unreasonable) reneger?
What to play when doubles are trump (and led) and I don't have any?
Have you heard of this Nel-O variation?
Who invented the dominoes game Moon?  Rules and scoring?
What are the rules for playing out of turn or a knocked over domino?
What is the rule for bidding out of turn?
Which duplicate tile wins the trick in Texas 88 (six-player "42")?
Can I reproduce copies of your 42 web pages?
Can you bid low in Moon?
Can I play 42 at this web site?
What are the rules regarding reneging?
Do you have to play the other end of a trump if you have no trumps?
Where can I find a 42 game?
How can I get a rule book on 42?
What is your policy for linking to commercial web pages?
What are the odds of drawing all seven dominos in a suit?
Where can I find the rules for "six-handed 42?"
Where can I find a game of 42 to play on a MacIntosh computer?
What happened to Tony Sanders' 42 web pages?
How many tiles does each player get?
Is there such a thing as three-handed 42?
Can I pick any suit as trumps? How are trump dominos different?
Does the end of a trump domino have to match the non-trump led?
Do trumps have to be led? Which end is the suit?
How much luck is involved in playing 42?
What is a "bye" in an online 42 tournament?
Where do I find rules for playing Shoot-the-Moon dominos?
Is it okay to talk across the table sometimes?
When can you play a trump?
Can you bid multiple marks in a hand to win a game?
Where can I get a CD with 42 on it?
Can you double shoot the moon?
Instructions for Mexican Train (and other domino games)?
Why bids of 30 or more? Exceptions? Bidding incentives?
More info on "follow-me" when trumps aren't declared?
What are the rules for playing Sevens? Strategy? How do partners help?
Do you have information on the annual statewide 42 tournament?
When is a trump not some other suit?
How many tiles (dominos) are there in the various games of dominos?
Where can I find a 42 game application for my PDA?
How do I learn to bid wisely?
Are your download instructions printable?
Do you post answers to all anonymous questions?
How can I be sure your downloads are safe?
Is it possible to see a 42 hand played or to participate without voice?
Can doubles be called as trumps?
Why won't my McIntosh computer open your download files?
What are the rules for playing four tables at a 42 party?
Where can one acquire a book on Moon? Rules? Scoring?
Where did the game 42 originate?
Where can I get a set of marble dominos?
Is your 42 download for playing against a computer?
How do we count points in a hand when the bidder does not make his bid?
How does one actually get started and get into a game of 42?
Do you know of any 42 clubs in southwest Texas?  San Antonio?  Rusk?
Can people play 42 online without having to download software?  Free?
Some consider indicating is cheating.  Do you play in tournaments or online?
What are your house rules for playing 42?
If a player plunges, can his partner overbid him?
Is your 42 download free?
When can a player lay his dominos down and declare the hand over?
Can trump dominos be forced into play when there is another suit leading?
Where can I find guidelines for organizing a 42 tournament?
Where do I find a web page to play 42 online?
How many different hands are mathmatically possible in 42?
Which rule variations apply in a basic game of 42?
If Nel-O is bid for 42, can a subsequent player bid less than 42?
When doubles are a suit, can you play any domino if you don't have a double?
In Sevens, does the bidder lead when his partner takes a trick?
Where can I find the rules for playing 88 (and 84)?
Where can I find Cameron's Win42 game?
Do you play 84?   Rules and scoring?
What are the dots on dominos called? How many are there?
Where can I find a web page to play Moon with partners?
Where can I buy a set of (double-six) dominos?
Do I have to trump in if one end of my trump matches the suit led?
Do I have to follow suit if I have a trump with the same suit on one end?
Can any player go low, or only the shuffler when forced to bid?
Any ideas how to learn 42 when experienced players aren't around?

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