Texas A&M and Texas 42

The game of 42 reportedly was “invented” in Garner in 1887. Southwestern University in Georgetown reportedly played 42 in 1896. It is very popular in Central Texas, notably the Austin 42 Club which is active in 42 tournaments and the N42PA and promoting the game throughout the state. (The University of Texas at Austin was established in 1883.)

The game is also popular at Texas A&M in College Station and has a rich history going back years, e.g., Lechner Hall rules. A&M opened its doors in 1876. Students from rural areas brought the game with them in the early years, and 42 has been part of the Aggie tradition. I have tried to find out when 42 was first introduced at Texas A&M, e.g., in the Aggie Forum, the Battalion archives, et al.   1910-1915?

I’m looking for an Aggie, alumnus or student, who enjoys playing the game, likes to write, and is willing to research the history of 42 at Texas A&M. Reportedly, the A&M library has books on 42 dating back to 1920, including yearbooks that might show students playing the game. (I live in San Antonio, and my travelling range is limited.)

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