Updated 9 July 2018

Summary Findings When 42 Came to Texas A&M

Thanks to the Association of Former Students of Texas A&M University for sharing their recollections when Texas 42 was first played at Texas A&M. Numerous recollections were posted, including Facebook, that recalled 42 being played by Aggies in College Station between 1956 and the 1980s.

One posting indicated that 42 might have been played at Texas A&M in 1913 (recollections of the granddaughter of a deceased Aggie). The earliest 42 activity, however, is documented in an archived 1910 issue of "The Battalion" newspaper. Thanks to those who sent email and provided information.

I will go with 1910-1915 as the earliest documented years for 42 being played at Texas A&M in College Station more than 100 years ago. (I'm still looking for an Aggie to complete this research as invited at Aggie42.html.)

This document will be updated as new information becomes available to me. My thanks to all who participated in this effort. You Aggies are the best!

Paul Proft, E-mail

12 June 2018: Found in the 1911 Longhorn yearbook with 21 March 1911 Battalion newspaper article stating "... partner in the progressive '42' game ..." (page n367).

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