Texas 42 History Quiz
(Scoring and answers at bottom of quiz)   1. According to a 1927 Dallas newspaper article, 42 was first played in what Texas city?

  2. What was allowed in the original game of 42 that is no longer permitted?

  3.Who wrote the book Winning 42 - Strategy and Lore of the National game of Texas?

  4. Who reportedly "invented" the game of 42 in 1887?

  5. The Texas State 42 Championship Tournament has been hosted in which city since 1981?

  6. The game of 42 was reportedly "invented" for what particular reason?

  7. The National 42 Players Association (N42PA) was founded in what year?

  8. Who developed the first 42 software that could be downloaded and played online?

  9. According to an online survey, most respondents learned the game of 42 from whom?

10. Players from which county have won the most Texas State 42 Championships?

Trivia question:
What do these famous people have in common:
George and Laura Bush (President and First Lady), Robert Crippen (astronaut), Dale Evans Rogers (actor/singer), Willie Nelson (singer), B.J. Thomas (singer), Lyndon Johnson (President), Ann Richards (Governor), and Bill Moyers (TV journalist)?     Answer:

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