Texas 42 Basics Quiz
(Scoring and answers at bottom of page)   1. Treys are trumps. Five-ace is led. You have a trey-five and a six-five. You are allowed to play which domino?

  2. What is the minimum bid allowed in a hand of 42?

  3. Who bids first in a hand of 42?

  4. When can trumps be played?

  5. How did 42 get its name?

  6. What is the maximum number of points possible in a trick when the high bid for the hand is thirty-five (35)?

  7. A game of 42 ends when a team scores what?

  8. How many different trump suits are possible?

  9. What's the most number of tricks that can be won?

10. In an opening lead, what does "follow me" mean?

42 history quiz

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