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42 Polling Summary, U.S. Majority Respondents
(Polling between 19 October 2004 and 30 November 2006.  Newer polls at bottom of page.)

Note: Most survey respondents learned the game of 42 from parents or other relatives (archived results).

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Player Status, Game Variations, and Indicating Styles

  End of 2004 - 2006 Polling Results  

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Poll started 23 January 2008; discontinued 22 May 2012

"Other" example:  Learned about 42 from the wife of a landlord who complained
  that her husband "played too much 42" and didn't always get his chores done.

42 Playing Status of Survey Respondents
(8 Mar 2010 to 24 Jan 2011)

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Poll started 16 April 2008; discontinued 22 May 2012

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