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According to Dennis Roberson’s book, Winning 42, Edwin Shrake, a writer, joined with Willie Nelson to bring about the book Willie: An Autobiography. When asked who the best 42 player was, Shrake reportedly replied he didn’t know, but that “Willie Nelson says he is.”

Willie's celebrity status makes it difficult for him to respond to inquiries received at his family website. He might, however, be receptive to honoring the wishes of his many 42-playing fans.

This posting is a prelude to help make that happen. If you are interested in reading about Willie's 42 background, send an email to Willie and ask him to contribute a 42 commentary. (You can edit and personalize the text in the email form to your liking.)

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Webmaster's note:
Most folks know Willie Nelson as an accomplished musician, singer, songwriter, and entertainer. Some folks don't know that Willie is also a longtime 42 player, born and raised in Texas where he reportedly learned the game and started his music career. ... - PP
(Willie's music and tour schedule information is available at his family website.)

Commentary by Willie Nelson (TBD)

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