Hallettsville 2012 State Championship 42 Tournament
Source: www.Hallettsville.com, March 2012


1st Place: Don St. Clair (left) and Richard Mach (right)
Paula Grahmann, Chamber Director & Tourney Chair (middle)

2nd Place: James Flora (left) and Andrew Taylor (right)
Brooke Dieringer, Chamber Director (middle)

3rd Place (left): David Carruth and Jon Niven
4th Place (right): Jackie Phillips and Katie Pyle

Consolation Winner 2nd Place (left): Joe Wilson and Jim Wilson
Consolation Winner 1st Place (right): Nix Simons & Glenn Wilcox


Chamber of Commerce tournament staff (red shirts)
Phyllis Meitzen, Molly Hennessy-Fiske (writer), Paula Grahmann, and Brooke Dieringer. (Molly, second from left, is a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times. She attended the 42 domino tournament to learn more about the history of the game, interview players, and gather information to write an article regarding same.)

The Hallettsville Chamber of Commerce has hosted the Texas State Championship 42 Tournament since 1981. Hallettsville is located in Lavaca County, halfway between Houston and San Antonio. Numerous 42 players from Texas and other states have participated in the annual competition each March. To date, only one non-resident Texan has won the title of State Champion. He travelled 600 miles from New Mexico to compete in the 2009 tourney. His partner was an East Texas resident.

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