Closing Comments on Sanctioned 42 Tournaments

I am a 42 player with 35 years of playing experience and also the webmaster for online 42 documents the last 23 years. There was a lot of chatter online about 42 club members who were accused of cheating in a Texas State 42 Championship tournament. (I was drawn into the conversation even though I didn't participate in organized competition.)

The N42PA is a social/recreational club that sanctions open tournaments that play straight 42. N42PA members can participate in those tournaments and earn qualifying points to play in the club's closed Tournament of Champions (TOC), an annual event that pays its top two winning teams generous cash prizes. (Only qualified N42PA members can compete in the TOC, also referred to as the national championship 42 tourney.)

Over the years, I have found the N42PA to be quite influential in how 42 is played. Its leadership has promoted the game of 42. The new N42PA rules are the best I have seen since the club's inception in 2005. Hopefully, the rules apply to all sanctioned tournaments and will become the standard for straight 42 in all 42 tournaments going forward.

Times have changed, and the game of 42, at least in some tournaments, seems to have evolved into "telling 42" (apparent acceptable indicating methods not defined in the rules). I, along with other traditional players, advocate playing by traditional rules: no signaling between partners. A summary of my views is at RuleAdds.html.

Comments and/or corrections are invited.

Paul Proft, webmaster

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