Updated 25 Feb 2020

Goals of the N42PA and External Considerations

The amended N42PA Constitution and By-laws (includes Article VI) was approved by the N42PA Board of Directors on 27 Sep 2019. The objectives of the N42PA club are stated in Article II.

The updated N42PA rules, also approved by the Board on 27 Sep 2019, include new guidelines for placement of dominos after the draw (Rule 8). The definition of "talking across the table" is also included (Rule 17). The rules are currently in effect, posted at the N42PA website.

The N42PA sanctions open 42 tournaments that have their own sponsors, tournament directors, rules, and play straight 42. Consequently, the rules in 42 tournaments can be diversified. My suggestion to help rectify this is posted at Fair Play Rule Considerations in 42 Competition. (The second category has been effectively addressed by the N42PA, but the third category still needs attention.)

Not adequately addressed are the needs to define acceptable culturally learned indicating practices and to standardize the rules for all sanctioned tournaments. The latter might be a hard nut to crack since the N42PA has vowed to not take control away from the tournaments it sanctions. Diplomacy and reaching out to sanctioned tournament leaders by the N42PA leadership is necessary to achieve this goal.

All players can participate in open sanctioned tournaments. My motivation is to enhance fair play rules and level the playing field for all sanctioned tournaments, "pros" and traditional players alike. If you have other ideas how to define acceptable indicating practices and/or standardize the rules of play for all sanctioned tournaments, please send them.

Paul Proft, email.


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