Created 7 Jun 2019, updated 29 Sep 2020. (Semi-redundant. To be completed or removed at a later date.)

Fair Play Rules for Straight 42, Social and Tournaments

The N42PA rules apply to its membership and qualified players who compete in tournaments hosted by the N42PA. The N42PA is a 42 club. It sanctions tournaments that its members can participate in to achieve Pro status and compete for large Tournament of Champions (TOC) cash prizes. (The TOC is a closed tournament for only qualified N42PA members.)

Definitive rules of fair play are needed in both social and sanctioned competition. The rules should adequately define acceptable fair play practices. If not, some traditional 42 players feeding into sanctioned tournaments will learn how to "outfox" their opponents by whatever means not addressed in diversified tournament rules.

If, indeed, the future of 42 is based on individual interpretations of fair play, then I believe competitive 42 in sanctioned tournaments will continue being a game with non-standard rules. National and world championship titles will continue to be meaningless and appear hubris. (IMHO.)

The "straight 42" format (no variations, e.g. Plunge, Nello, etc.) appears to be the only requirement for open tournaments to be sanctioned by the N42PA. Each tournament has its own playing rules. In my mind, the N42PA is influential in the tournaments it sanctions. I don't understand why the N42PA isn't pushing for standardized fair play rules that apply to all sanctioned tournaments.

The N42PA objectives include working with open tournaments to promote the game of 42 in its original or traditional form, and to never take away any control or traditions from existing groups or tournament sponsors. As leader in the initiative to promote traditional straight 42, the N42PA should also include initiatives to standardize adequately defined fair play rules applicable to all tournaments it sanctions.

For years, I have cited the "official" N42PA rules for answers to rule questions received at Texas42.net. Oftentimes, the "official" rewritten N42PA rules do not adequately address the issue, and I had to advise the players involved that they needed to agree on their own rules.

I can no longer cite the "official" N42PA rules because I know now that I mistakenly assumed the "official" N42PA rules applied to all sanctioned 42 tournaments. Texas42.net is at a crossroads in how to move forward regarding definitive written rules for fair play in straight 42. I need help. Suggestions are welcome.

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