Updated 14 June 2019

An Open Message to the N42PA and Sanctioned Tournament Players

The public internet became popular in the 1990s, and I launched my first online 42 playing instructions in 1997. I quickly learned that 42 was played differently in other parts of the state. In 2005, the N42PA was founded, and straight 42 (no variatiations) became the norm for tournaments sanctioned by the N42PA. (Thanks to all those who helped make my 42 instructions compatible with straight 42.)

In 2008, there was a flap about show-bidding in a sanctioned statewide 42 tournament. At that time, I was primarily interested in sharing the love of 42 with social players and wannabes. I did, however, need a definition for "show-bidding" for my definitions document at my website. As a result, I communicated with tournament players to get a consensus for defining the term.

Needless to say, I entered into an area that brought on other issues. The more I learned, the more I sensed a need for definitive tournament rules. There seemed to be a lot of creativity and liberties taken in tournament competition, and I could not ignore related feedback from tournament players. Consequently I became more involved.

I learned that tournament 42 is also for fun and fellowship, and that stringent rules can be a distraction. After all, 42 was born in Texas, and creativity and cultural differences come into play. Forty-two is a "fun" game, and the N42PA is a "social/recreation club." I see that, but it's difficult for me to understand why some player tactics are not subject to more scrutiny, especially when large cash prizes are at stake.

In my view, items that need addressing include cultural and private agreements or understandings between partners regarding indicating of doubles and the optional placement of dominos after the draw (invites private signals between partners). If, however, the majority membership likes it that way, then so be it.

Your feedback is welcome. If you have other tournament concerns, please share them for discussion. Pertinent comments (or extracts) will be posted below anonymously.

Paul Proft, E-mail

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