Webmaster's Thoughts on Indicating in 42 Tournaments

My interest in tournament affairs was brought about by tournament players who contacted me about questionable playing practices over the last 13 years. Their shared experiences helped me understand their concerns. The need for definitive rules to enhance fair play in sanctioned tournaments became quite apparent to me.

Current sanctioned 42 tournament rules state "physical signals" or "cheating of any kind" will not be tolerated. Indicating via the announcement of bids has been addressed, and players familiar with the current rules are now aware that show-bids are not acceptable practice in sanctioned tournaments.

Some questionable practices, however, are not addressed in the rules, e.g., indicating doubles via sluffed dominos. There are multiple ways for indicating doubles between partners. Some require pre-game agreements/understandings between partners to be effective. These need to be defined as acceptable, unacceptable, or subject to regulation.

The optional placement of dominos after the draw also provides subtle opportunity for partners to indicate specific information about their hands to their partners. This also needs to be addressed so creative partners do not misuse the options to their advantage.

Forty-two is a fun game that promotes fellowship among its players. In my view, there is incentive to address the need for definitive rules that enhance fair play in sanctioned tournaments, especially when large cash prizes and prestige are at stake.

Paul Proft, E-mail

Footnote: Apparently my views on enhancing fair play in sanctioned tournaments are not popular with modern-day 42 players. I have received little feedback, and replies from responding players indicate rule enhancements are unnecessary. I suppose that means I'm out of line, and I need to refrain from addressing tournament fair play rules. (I'm not a tournament player.) That's okay, but I can't help but feel that more definitive rules are necessary if sanctioned 42 tournaments are to expand beyond the borders of Texas and New Mexico. In any case, I apologize to those who are put out with me in this matter. My only motivation is to promote the game and to help refine fair play definition in sanctioned tournaments to attract new, discerning players. - Paul Proft, 6 May 2018

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