Forty-two (42) is a four player trick-taking card game played with dominos that employs bidding and trumps. It is easily learned and highly addictive.

Four players sit at the table. Players sitting opposite each other are partners. The dominos are shuffled. Each player draws seven dominos. Bidding begins with the player to the left of the shuffler. Thirty (30) is the lowest that can be bid. Maximum bid is 42 (one mark), or multiples thereof.

High bidder declares a trump suit and leads the first domino. Each player plays a domino, in turn (clockwise), and must follow the suit of the domino led if possible; otherwise, any domino may be played. Trumps outrank the other domino suits and can be played only when they are led, or when a player cannot follow the suit led in a trick.

The highest domino played takes each trick, and its player leads the next domino. This process continues until all 28 dominoes in the hand are played (seven tricks), or the high bidder makes his bid or is set by the opponents. Dominos divisible by five (5) are worth their face values, and each trick won is one point. When the bidder is set, the opponents get what he/she bid.

The shuffle and opening bid rotate clockwise after each hand is played. The object is to make your bid or set the opponents (stop them from making their bid). Each hand won is scored as a mark(s). The game ends when a team scores seven marks (the letter segments annotated in "ALL").

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