Thirty Year Evolution of
From Paper to Cyberspace
1987 I learned to play 42 circa 1985 at work, during lunch breaks. I couldn't find any written rules (no books and no public internet), so I wrote the rules that I had learned at work. Being of little value at the time, I stashed them away, and they lay dormant for about ten years.
1997 The internet began its public appeal in the early 1990s, and I became intrigued with its worldwide reach to make information available to the general public. In February 1997, I retrieved my stored written 42 rules and posted them at a free website,, for my soon-to-be New Mexican daughter-in-law who wanted to learn the game. (This was also the year when Dennis Roberson published his book, Winning 42.)
2001 no longer offered free websites, so I moved my 42 web page to, also a free website. (It was a crude rendition by today's standards.) Because of its interest to other 42 players and wannabes, I posted more documents and upgraded the site (no ad banner) by subscribing to more bandwidth and server disk space.
2006 My son gave me the domain,, as a birthday gift. I parked it at and moved my documents to it in November 2006. The domain attracted more 42 players and wannabes, and I added more documents with surveys, demographics, history, commentaries and other items of interest to 42 players. (They are listed here.)
2017 Thirty years later, my original instructions and websites have gone through an evolution to keep up with the progress associated with and interest in the magnificent game of Texas 42. The internet has been quite instrumental in presenting Texas 42 to a worldwide audience and helping to ensure it lives on in today's fast-paced digital society.
2018+ My final words on the history and future of 42 are written here: Where to and beyond.
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